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Resin Wedding flower Rose Lamp

Regular price $120.00 CAD
Regular price Sale price $120.00 CAD

A unique memorable and special resin lamp with original flowers preserved from wedding day or proposal day. Flowers are dried before pouring in resin.

LED luminous base included in the purchase makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.


- Height 6 inches (approx)

- Personalized flowers and colors can be added

- Kept on a desk or night stand to add decor to your room.

- Adds an extra color to your room

- Perfect for valentines day, anniversary, or to just preserve your wedding bouquet forever


- All of our creations are entirely handmade, everything that leaves our studio has been made with ultimate love and care

- Resin is a very organic fluid medium, when we use it to create, this factor naturally makes every creation 100% unique

- Makes a perfect gift for wedding, anniversary or even just to make someone feel special.

* Please let us know if you wanna preserve your own flowers or let us make something with ours. 

*Made to Order