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Art Blizz

Large Personalized resin letters

Regular price $70.00 CAD
Regular price Sale price $70.00 CAD

A Large Resin hand poured wooden block of letter perfect for giving as a gift or for adding that extra brightness to your own room. These Custom Wooden Alphabets are hand poured with resin making every design unique.
This unique piece is made my hand poured resin and thus every style will be different making it unique for you.


- Height 13 inches and Width 7 inches

- Personalized Letter and Colors 

- Easily hung on a wall or kept on a desk

- Adds an extra color to your room

- Perfect for kids room as well. 

- Available in 2 option with crushed glass or pearls 



- All of our creations are entirely handmade, everything that leaves our studio has been made with ultimate love and care

- Resin is a very organic fluid medium, when we use it to create, this factor naturally makes every creation 100% unique

- Makes a perfect birthday, graduation or gift for any occasion.


Please let me know which letter do you want me to create while placing an order

If you have any other colors in mind, please feel free to reach me and I will create the piece with best of my abilities. 

Allow us 2-3 business days to ship custom orders.