About Us

As a child, I was obsessed over rainbows  . My mom used to tell me to be like them and always spread happiness. That’s when I started equating colors with happiness.

 As time passed on, the child inside died and forgot about her love for colour. I decided to go for a traditional way of living - studying hard and getting into a ‘Big Corporate Job’. I worked for five years as a Chartered Accountant but with each day passing by my heart cried more and more (literally!).

I used to wonder, how does someone know what they want to do in life? How can your heart say something to you? In those moments I realized it can happen and decided to bring my childhood love for colour back and move out of this world of rules and regulations and follow my heart.

Today I create paintings on both large and small canvases. My handmade gifts are personalized and unique for every occasion and person. My clay letters, greeting cards, resin paintings and frames are customized to capture my clients’ emotions in my work.

With my creativity I try to be the rainbow of other’s life. It’s not just art, but my passion and happiness that I am willing to share for, as an artist, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing people love your work.